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Price : 12.699.000VNĐ

Highlight Features

Digital LED light
SCHOTT tempered glass
9 Models of electric touch panel

Sakura Induction Hob SI-281E
2 Burners, Germany SCHOTT Glass
Electric sensor touch panel
Heating power: 9 modes of power adjustment
Temperature control: 6 modes of temperature control
(80℃/120℃/160℃/200℃/220℃/240 ℃)
Heat efficiency: 90%
Power consumption:  2600W/H/right burner; 2600W/H /left burner
Total power consumption:  2800W/H/2 burners
Timer setting : 1-9 hours 59 minutes
Dimensions: 734(L) x 435(W) x 90(H) mm
Cut-out Dimensions: 670(L) x 410(W) x 100(H) mm
Child lock
Auto shut-off while the interior temperature is more than 90±5℃.
Auto shut-off while the surface temperature is more than 260±20℃.
Auto shut-off while precisely detect no pot on top plate (1 min).
Auto shut-off while detect no operation (2 hours).
Easy cleaning with non-scratchable surface.
Warranty Period: 12 months
Japan Technology - Made in China

Control panel Sensor touch control panel
Timer Setting 9 hours 59 minutes
Heating mode 9 modes
Electronic voltage 2800W / 220V - 50 Hz
Temperature control 80/120/160/200/220/240
Dimension (mm) 734 x 435 x 90
Cut-off dimension (mm) 670 x 410
Warranty Period 12 months
Made in China